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Student Atlas Projects

Initial Atlas Definition (Ted Couillard)

Atlas project poster


Final report

May Valley equestrian trails (Lee Emmett)


Final report

Lee's maps are in the Maps>Gallery in the Project group

GRCC GIS Student Projects

The Green River Community College GIS students do projects each year, often as part of GIS 292 "GIS Projects".

These projects cover a broad spectrum and are worth browsing for information and ideas.

This is just a partial list of projects displayed on the GRCC GIS web site

  • Flooding (inundation) analysis for the Green River
  • Northern Goshawk fall and winter movements and landscape use in north-central Oregon, as determined by satellite telemetry
  • Green River Community College topographical map
  • Green River Community College trail map
  • USGS Hobart Quadrangle
  • 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 state-level party presidential election vote
  • Composite map of alternate energy potential in Washington State
  • Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2008
  • Green River Community College geocoded student map
  • King County 1990-2000 population change analysis by rank mobility index values
  • Non-English speaking population in the Green River Community College vicinity
  • A LiDAR Canopy Height Model for the Lincoln Tree Farm, Pierce County, WA
  • Boy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council Camp Parsons on the Olympic Penninsula
  • Carbon River flood inundation modeling
  • GRCC evacuation plan rally locations
  • Concentrations of five minerals in Washington State water sources from 1999 to 2009
  • GIS maps of the Jane Austen novels
  • Coral bleaching in the greater Fijian Archipelago
  • BSA Camp Parsons five-mile hike
  • Seahurst Park GIS analysis of biodiversity monitoring data
  • Washington's geothermal potential
  • May Valley equestrian trails design project
  • GRCC water network
  • City of Black Diamond land use attributes and population mobility
  • GRCC sidewalk slope analysis