Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn Water Stewardship

May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins





  • There's local interest in the quality of water in the FCUAC service area.
  • Funding exists for providing testing resources to local volunteers.
  • The FCUAC service area includes large portions of the May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins.


  • The overall health and dynamics of the May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins is understood and actively stewarded via joint, coordinated efforts.


  • Create water test kits for volunteer stewards
  • Create criteria and select test sites
  • Add addendum to existing stewardship MOU
  • Leverage KCD Stream Monitoring program
  • Gather data from King County DNRP test sites
  • Provide maps to support decisions

Current project document

  • Water Quality Project Document (Word) (PDF)
  • Water Quality Project Summary (PDF)

Sample Kits (pending)

Steward Instructions

Stream Steward Information Binder
WQ-00 Binder Cover Word PDF
WQ-01 Introduction Word PDF
WQ-02 Temperature Procedure Word PDF
WQ-03 pH Protocol Word PDF
WQ-04 Nitrate Nitrogen Protocol Word PDF
WQ-05 Turbidity Protocol Word PDF
WQ-06a Dissolved Oxygen Protocol Word PDF
WQ-06b Oxygen Saturation Chart Word PDF
WQ-07a Stream Characteristics Word PDF
WQ-07b Pacific Spawning Salmon Identification Word PDF
WQ-07c New Zealand Mudsnail Identification Word PDF
WQ-07d New Zealand Mudsnail Fact Sheet Word PDF
WQ-07e Stroud Macroinvertebrate Identification Key Word PDF
WQ-08 Stream Steward Data Entry Sheet Word PDF
HA-01 Habitat Assessment Data Entry Sheet Word PDF
Ec-01 E. coli Field Instructions Sheet Word PDF
Ec-02 E. coli Sampling Sites Word PDF
Ec-04 Single Site Data Entry Sheet Word PDF
Ec-05 Testing Labels Word PDF
Ec-06 Plate Count Sheet Word PDF

Water Stewardship

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council has a Water Stewardship program focused on the portions of the May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins in the UAC's service area.

Memo of Understanding

For a number of years FCUAC has participated in a stewardship MOU involving CARE/SWAN, a local community-based non-profit, and King County DNRP

Sample Kits

FCUAC has received funding for water test kits. They are modeled from the KCD Stream Steward kit.

Pierce County Stream Monitoring

KCD modeled their Stream Stewards Program after Pierce County's Stream Monitoring Program.

King County sample data

Gathering all sample data is important for a clear assessment of the hydrology of the basins.

King County Stream Monitoring

King Conservation District

KCD has a Stream Stewards program that is used as a model for the local effort. KCD also has a password controlled data entry page



The May Creek and Issaquah Creek basins are the initial focus. Sample sites are selected along those waterways.


The FCUAC Atlas program provides a variety of theme maps in support of the program.