Stream and basin boundary update

Correcting stream geospatial Information



Stream and Basin


  • A small number of stream and/or topography basin boundary GIS data errors have been found in the Four Creeks UAC area.  Headwaters for some streams are shown in the “wrong” basin.
  • King County does not consider the stream/basin boundary issues as a high-enough importance to prioritize into current GIS workload.
  • King County will require high confidence in the quality (accuracy, completeness, etc.) of externally submitted GIS data.
  • The Four Creeks Atlas Program (Atlas) provides real-life project opportunities for Green River Community College (GRCC) Geographical Information System (GIS) students.
  • Atlas provides scholarship and incentive funding, and seeks out internship and/or temporary and permanent employment opportunities for GRCC GIS students.


  • King County stream and basin boundaries are updated to current knowledge.
  • Areas where there is a discrepancy between new data and current data are identified and documented.
  • GRCC GIS students gain opportunity to work with current GIS raster data in a real-life project.
  • GRCC GIS students get to provide project and product data to King County, thus demonstrating their skills.
  • King Count’s cost of quality is kept extremely low by reducing or eliminating their inspection requirements by concentrating on the method used by the GRCC GIS student.


  • King County and the Atlas Program develop and agree on the key elements of the project requirements.
  • Request a GRCC GIS student to work on the project via the FCUAC Atlas Program.
  • The selected GRCC GIS student develops a project requirements document that includes a description of the method and data used.
  • King County develop a minimal cost of quality approach for accepting and publishing the new stream and topography data.

Current project document (Word) (PDF)


The Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council Atlas Program looks for real-life project opportunities for Green River Communicy College Geographical Information System students.

This is one of those projects.