Four Creeks Odor Identification and Sourcing



Odor Sourcing


  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of odor sourcing around the Cedar Grove subarea


  • GRCC GIS has embraced this project and will develop an approach during the Winter and Sprint 2013 terms.


  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency complaint data (2005-2011) (Excel)
  • Puget Sound Clean Air Agency complaint data (2012-03152013) (Excel)
  • Cedar Grove Composting distribution of input by type and location (Excel)
  • Weather station (1-day) sample (1/1/12) (Excel)
  • Weather station (11-month) data (1/1/12-11/30/12) (Excel)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather training flyer (Excel)
  • NOAA Mesonet Weather Observations (web site)


  • Seattle Times article on Everett CGC (PDF)
  • NPR story on mapping by smells (web site)
  • The Scientists article on Cyrano Sciences artificial nose (web site)
  • NASA article on Cyranose 320 (web site)
  • Measuring Composting Odors (PDF)
  • Movement of Odors Off-Farm (PDF)
  • Odor Trail From Landfill Sites (PDF)
  • Odotech Odor Monitoring System (web site)
  • Southern California Smell Solid Evidence (web site)
  • Strange Smell Plagues Southwest (web site)
  • Iowa DNR Odor Measurement (PDF)
  • Seattle PI article on Kittitas site (web site)
  • Weather Underground (web site)
  • OdoWatch-Odor Smart Monitoring (web site)
  • Gore cover for organic waste treatment (web site)
  • Cedar Hills Landfill 2012 Annual Report (PDF)
  • Cedar Hills Landfill (web site)

Current project document (Word) (PDF)

  • Odor Sourcing article (Word) (PDF)

Student Output

Students provide a number of deliverables including map files and data along with a poster, a a presentation, and a paper. In the case of this project there will also be an implementation plan outline. Those last items can be seen here.

  • Project Poster (PDF)
  • Project Presentation (PDF)
  • Project Paper (pending)
  • System Implementation (pending)

Cedar Grove Odor Sourcing

Cedar Grove is a Four Creeks subarea traversed by Cedar Grove Road between Issaquah-Hobart Road and Maple Valley Highway (SR 169)

The subarea has large-footprint facilities including the King County Cedar Hills Landfill, Cedar Grove Composting, Sunset Materials, etc.

For over a decade, local residents in and around the Cedar Grove subarea have endured an increasing odor.

Complaint map (low-res)

Higher resolution maps can be found in the Map>Gallery in the Project group

A barrier to levying accountability is the efficiency and effectiveness of soucing odors. A radical increase in these capabilities will create additional leverage with the source businesses and land owners.

The WA Department of Ecology has granted the Institute for Neurotoxicology & Neurolgical Disorders (INND) a 2-year project (2011-2013) to understand the chemical and physical aspects of the odor. They are applying for a renewal of that grant.

INND web site

PSCAA web site