King Conservation District

Atlas provides GIS services for KCD




Atlas is providing King Conservation District GIS services.

The work began with support to the Boise Creek sub-basin stewardship effort in KCD. See the Boise Creek project area below.

This project was followed with an effort to GIS-enable KCD. See the Spatially Enable project area below.

Boise Creek

  • Boise Creek project documents to be uploaded

Spatially Enable

  • Spatially enable customer data (e.g. Farm Plans)
  • Integrate multiple customer operational databases

King Conservation District

  • KCD web site
  • KCD Annual Report-2013 (PDF)
  • KCD Strategic Plan 2011-2015 (PDF)
  • KCD mission, goals, etc.(DOC) (PDF)
  • KCD business system architecture (PNG) (PDF)
  • KCD GIS System Architecture (AI) (PDF)

GIS Server

A view of the KCD GIS file server environment.

  • KCD GIS Server Directory (PPT)
  • KCD GIS Server Folders (Excel)

Project Documents

  • Project plan (DOC) (PDF)
  • KCD GIS environments (PDF)
  • KCD GIS resources environment (Excel)

Database Description

KCD provides a test database.

  • KCD database description (Excel)
  • KCD database description test data objects (PDF)
  • KCD database description test data object definition (PDF)
  • KCD database description test data relationships (PDF)


This group of items is being reconciled to remove duplication
  • KCD geocode concept diagram (PDF)
  • KCD geocode Document (DOC)
  • KCD geocode Process Diagram (PPT)


Atlas and KCD


One of the core purposes of the Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council (UAC) is "participation" which can take many forms.

Stewardship is a form of participation that 1) demonstrates a very high level of committment and 2) is focused on the community.

King Conservation District is "stewardship". Every one of its services, from farm plans to farm visits to education, is focused on balancing stewardship with the objectives of the land owner.

This focus on participation creates the opportunity for mutual value between the UAC and KCD.

Not unlike other smaller organizations, KCD currently faces a relatively high GIS "cost of entry". The UAC's Atlas program, provides a unique way to bring GIS services to KCD while adding value to the Green River Community College GIS students.

KCD Services

  • Education
  • Planning - Site specific planning and technical assitance
  • Implementation - On the ground natural resources projects
  • Grants - Funding to land owners and the community to support stewardship education, planning, and implementation efforts