Four Creeks Area Atlas

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Four Creeks Atlas

The Four Creeks Atlas customer has the missions of 1) enhancing opportunities for residents to have a meaningful influence the future of their communities and 2) improve access to the services and data provided by public organizations.

The Atlas value proposition is that 1) providing information about communities and neighborhoods stimulates effective participation, whether community planning or stewardship and 2) utilizing the GIS (i.e. map) data provided by public organizations (e.g. King County, WA State, cities) the value of that data is improved because it shows up on maps, a "language" common to both sides of the discussion.

Build an Area Atlas

At its heart, the Atlas Program is designed to create an atlas for an area. The priority is the Four Creeks Unincorporated Service Area although there is interest in the Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Service Area and the Alpine District of the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Create Theme Maps

Thematic maps are called for to store symbology and other attributes for a particular theme. Obvious themes include land use, hydrology, recreation, transportation, safety, and others.

Build Community Maps

Community maps, as their name implies, focus in on subareas, communities, and neighborhoods. Their intent is to help educate residents about their community assuming that increasing that knowledge will stimulate community participation.

Theme Maps and Data


Spreadsheet showing areas of interest (Excel)

There are 3 relevant maps in the Maps>Gallery in the Theme group:

  • Corridor map that shows the major roads that pass through the Four Creeks area
  • Travel Shed and Transportation Needs Report areas
  • Areas identified by local residents as of interest

Natural Resources and Parks

Spreadsheet showing areas of interest (Excel)