Research Center for Leadership and Learning (ESD 112)



ESD 112


  • Improve the effectiveness of ESD 112
  • Leverage that effectiveness to other ESDs
  • Provide pragmatic examples of GIS capabilities


  • ESD 112 Locator
  • Revenue
  • Student Achievement
  • Local Wealth
  • Daycare locations
  • ESD services
  • Online Hyperlinked Maps (possible future)

Output maps are available in the District group in the map Gallery

Current project document (Word) (PDF)




Educational Service Districts

There are nine Educational Service Districts in Washington that provide a variety of services in support of school districts.

One of those, ESD 112, Research Center for Leadership and Learning, provides services in the Vancouver area of Washington state near Portland.

Atlas is providing map and spatial analysis investigating ways to improve the effectiveness of ESD 112.

This is a journey of discovery. Atlas is expected to provide maps that help the ESD 112 director learn how to work as a customer of GIS.

Atlas emphasizes the objective of improving decisions which challenges the customer to understand and improve the questions behind those decisions and how those decisions improve the effectiveness of ESD 112.

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