Boy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council



Atlas provides support to the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The work started with the Alpine District annual food drive (Scouting for Food) which also resulted in a set of Alpine District "locator" maps.

The intent is to expand support to other CSC districts and eventually to produce a comprehensive set of maps for the entire CSC service area.

CSC Project

The Boy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council operates in King, Kitsap,and Island Counties in Washington State. Atlas intends to provide a comprehensive map set for CSC along with spatial analysis support to individual value-add projects within CSC districts.

Alpine Food Drive

The Boy Scouts of America Chief Seattle Council Alpine District runs an annual food drive (Scouting for Food). This multi-year map effort intends to increase annual tonnage given by the scouts to local food banks.

This first file is a table that shows each food drive area and which pack or troop has claimed the area for the food drive. It also shows the count of different residential types (single family, duplex, apartment, etc.) for each area.

Note, the data in this spreadsheet will eventually be automatically put on the maps as they are generated.

  • BSA food drive area table (troop/pack and parcel detail) (Excel)

These files are the project documentation.

  • BSA food drive project (PDF)
  • BSA food drive project (Word)
  • BSA food drive project status (PDF)

This document describes the map files along with other useful information

  • BSA Alpine Map Descriptions (PDF)

Green River

Atlas has started working with Green River District on locator maps. Next steps include discovering opportunities for spatial analysis value-add.

  • BSA Green River District project (PDF)
  • BSA Green River District project (Word)

Locator Maps

BSA locator maps can be found in the Atlas map gallery (Maps>Gallery) in the District group. Food Drive and other project maps are located in the Project group.

BSA Chief Seattle Council

Alpine District

  • 2-year project to improve the effectivenenss of the annual food drive.
  • Produce district "locator" maps

Green River District

  • Investigate support to Christmas Tree program
  • Produce district "locator" maps

Aquila District

Aurora District

Cascade District

Foothills District

Mt. Olympus District

North Lakes District

Orca District

Sammamish Trail District

Sinclair District

Thunderbird District

Soccer and Scouting Outreach Program