KCD Farm Plan Parcel Demonstration and Test Area



KCD Farm Plans

An interactive web map marking KCD Farm Plan parcel locations.


  • Farm Plans, with a link to one or more parcel table records, are joined to King County parcel GIS data, resulting in a shape file/feature with records for all parcels referenced in Farm Plans.
  • The feature is converted to GeoJSON; used as input to create polygons on the map.
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Leaflet APIs used:

  • Map with center, minZoom, and zoom (creates map)
  • TileLayer with attribution (lower right note) and subdomains (of the tile service)
  • Icon with iconUrl, iconRetinaUrl, iconSize, iconAnchor, and popupAnchor (clickable point symbol)
  • Marker uses JSON to create a table of data for the markers (first name, url, lat, lon)
  • layerGroup creates a layer group that can be used in the Control API
  • Control creates a layer control on the map

Clicking on a marker displays the Last Name on the farm plan. The name is a hyperlink that is currently pointing to a test page on the Atlas site.